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NO CALCIUM dog food Muffin Mix - 6.5kg

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Of course your dog is special and, because of that, sometimes a special diet is called for.

Our calcium-free mix has been specially-formulated because most dogs with kidney/ liver dysfunction or stones/crystals, require less calcium, and a different calcium to phosphorus ratio. Our suggested calcium source for these diets is ground egg shell (see our Kidney/Liver recipe)

All of our Dog Food Muffin mixes are made with only whole, fresh, local, human-quality, organic ingredients.

We are very proud that we, personally, source and know where every ingredient comes from and how it is processed. The mixes do not contain meat meals, by-products, digest of by-products, fragments or preservatives of any kind. 

Here's what our No Calcium Muffin Mix DOES contain.

organic whole brown rice,  whole oats, whole Thai jasmine rice, Acadian sea kelp, carob, alfalfa,  Marjoram, oregano,  parsley, ginger, rosemary, turmeric, de-caffeinated green tea, shiitake mushroom powder.

We supply the mix, you add the love! (Kidney/Liver recipe)

6.5kg of Base Mix makes approximately 196/90g muffins.

Nutritional Analysis and Feeding Guideline